Make-in -Vietnam platforms launched in Technology Friday program
Nhat Minh - Ha Thanh 15:06, 2020/12/30
The program aimds to promote Make-in-Vietnam platforms of digital technology enterprises.

A total of 38 Make in Vietnam platforms launched in 2020 will be on display in a series of “Technology Friday” events held by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC), with the aim of promoting the development of Vietnamese digital technology enterprises.

 A total of 38 Make in Vietnam platforms are launched in 2020 by the Ministry of Information and Communications. Photo: Nhat Minh

The “Technology Friday” program will continue to be held in 2021. Platform providers can register to participate in the program through the website digital.mic.gov.vn or send documents to the Department of Computerization, or the Institute of Software and Digital Content Industry.

According to the MIC's Department of Computerization, “Technology Friday” with the motto “One week, one Make in Vietnam product” aims at offering useful digital platforms to businesses and people, promoting digital transformation in all aspects.

“Technology Friday” is an accreditation of the MIC for the products of Vietnamese digital enterprises. Through the program, local businesses will also have the opportunity to advertise their products.

According to the Department of Computerization, AI technology field has the most Make in Vietnam products and services (8 platforms), followed by Cloud Computing (6 platforms) and Online Conference (5 platforms). These platforms allow organizations, individuals and businesses to immediately use digital technologies instead of investing in research, development and operation by themselves.

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