ITAP – essential in ASEAN manufacturing: SingEx
Linh Pham 10:29, 2020/09/29
ITAP is designed to serve economies and enterprises at their full spectrum of understanding of Industry 4.0.

Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP)*, Asian flag of HANNOVER MESSE event held annually in Singapore since 2018, is the only trade show in the region that provides full coverage of the opportunities and challenges of industrial transformation.

The event, which will inspire attendees’ learning journey with a stepped approach to Industry 4.0 (I4.0) implementation, is believed to be crucial for the manufacturing and related industries in ASEAN.

 James Boey, Executive Director of SingEx Exhibitions, Singapore. Photo: SingEx

James Boey, executive director of SingEx Exhibitions – ITAP organizer and springboard to the Asia-Pacific region – talked about the role of ITAP in ASEAN, how Covid-19 leaves impacts on this year organization of ITAP, and his recommendations for the next event.

ITAP continues to play an essential role in connecting stakeholders in the manufacturing and related industries in ASEAN, empowering them to share, learn, network and collaborate with one another, and enabling them to start, scale and sustain their adoption of Industry 4.0 solutions.

Business survivability and transformation are the two biggest challenges the region’s manufacturing industries are now facing in this Covid-19 environment.

More than just about increasing productivity, it is about finding new opportunities to urgently accelerate and support their agility and responsiveness. Travel and border restrictions also remain around the world. Hence we designed a hybrid format for ITAP 2020 that would allow the ITAP community to easily collaborate on feasible solutions, optimize engagement and knowledge transfer, and find new growth opportunities.

The hybrid format consists of a three-day live virtual event hosted on a customer-insight driven interactive audience engagement platform, and complemented by several in-person activities in Singapore optimize engagement and knowledge transfer opportunities.

The virtual event will be hosted on a custom-built platform powered by an AI recommendation engine, enabling personalized digital learning journeys with bite-size content. The platform will also facilitate deeper community engagement and collaboration with dedicated discussion groups, project rooms and recommended connections.

All in-person activities will have in place a robust set of safe management measures including stringent sanitation and hygiene standards in compliance with requirements set by Singapore’s Ministry of Health.

In today's blended business environment, ITAP will continue to be guided by what our customers and stakeholders want. Our digital-first approach will enable us to design multi-dimensional engagements including hybrid formats with agility, enabling the ITAP community to share, learn, network and collaborate in a 24/7/365 fashion.

ITAP, which comprises an exhibition component, a conference component and various education and B2B matchmaking events, is a platform tapping cross-border technology transfer, regional businesses are given opportunities to begin their journey through the gateway to I4.0.

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