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Health experts ring alarm bell on coronavirus this winter
Although Covid-19 in Vietnam has been controlled, staying alert is a necessity, as cold and dry winter conditions favor the transmission of the virus.
12:22, 2020/10/14
Vietnam's top health official urges strict vigilance against Covid-19
Although Vietnam has not recorded community transmission of the coronavirus for 41 consecutive days, there is a high risk that the disease can be imported.
18:20, 2020/09/30
US, China donate ventilators and masks to aid Vietnam’s Covid-19 combat
The donations mark the Vietnam-US cooperation as well as the Vietnam-China relationship in the field of health.
12:50, 2020/09/28
Hanoi’s 10th grader bags gold at Int’l Mathematical Olympiad 2020
This is the first time a 10th grader has clinched a gold medal for Vietnam at an International Mathematical Olympiad.
14:41, 2020/09/26
Telehealth in Vietnam connects over 1,000 health centers
The telehealth project would contribute to the success of the national digital transformation program under the direction of the Vietnamese government.
12:18, 2020/09/24
Last patient discharged from hospital, Danang free of Covid-19
The patient had tested positive as many as 19 times during treatment.
12:18, 2020/09/16
Vietnam to add medical supplies and equipment to national reserves
The Vietnamese government will decide which medical supplies and equipment should be stockpiled.
06:47, 2020/09/10
Vietnam undergoes a week without local coronavirus infections
With the initial containment of the virus, some kinds of business have been resumed.
16:41, 2020/09/03
Vietnam announces 35th Covid-19-related death
Patient No.761 from the central city of Danang passed away due to Covid-19-related complications.
10:11, 2020/09/02
Vietnam to adopt greater integration of technology in healthcare
In light of the current challenges faced by public hospitals in Vietnam and the Covid-19 pandemic, the digital healthcare sector holds promise, stated Fitch Solutions.
16:44, 2020/08/31
Vietnam reports 33rd Covid-19-related fatality
The patient was pronounced dead at Danang Hospital for Lung Diseases due to severe pneumonia and respiratory failure caused by Covid-19.
00:17, 2020/08/29
Hanoi has one more Covid-19 case
The case is a 23-year-old man who is residing in Hoan Kiem district of Hanoi.
12:58, 2020/08/27
Vietnam confirms 30th coronavirus death
Patient No.696, a 51-year-old resident of Danang, died of pneumonia caused by Covid-19 and several chronic diseases.
02:33, 2020/08/27
Vietnam included in Australia’s US$58 million support for Covid-19 vaccine access
Access to vaccines will play a critical role in the economic recovery of the region from this pandemic.
23:24, 2020/08/23
August 23: Vietnam’s Covid-19 death toll rises to 27
Vietnam kept death-zero profile until late July when SARS-CoV-2 locally resurfaced.
20:31, 2020/08/23
3 hospitals in Hanoi suspended for failing to comply with anti-pandemic protocols
The city’s health authorities has warned that any hospital failing to abide by anti-Covid measures would face closure.
13:31, 2020/08/21
Hanoi hospital reopens as one patient declared Covid-19 negative
Patients now can visit the Hospital E in Hanoi for medical examination and treatment normally.
23:58, 2020/08/20
August 20: Vietnam’s coronavirus infections surpass 1,000
More than half of the patients have recovered.
00:01, 2020/08/19
August 18: Vietnam’s coronavirus caseload approaches 1,000
More than half of the tally are local infections detected after the virus locally resurfaced in the last week of July.
13:26, 2020/08/18
Many Covid-19 patients in Vietnam are in critical condition
Most of the seriously ill patients were infected in the community and are linked to the Covid-19 outbreak in Danang.
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