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Health declaration required for all foreign guests at hotels in Vietnam
Ngan Nguyen 17:28, 2020/03/15
For guests who have not declared their health status at immigration checkpoints, hotel staff should assist them to declare on the website or via application on mobile phone.

All accommodation establishments such as hotels and motels have been requested to check the medical declaration of foreign guests entering Vietnam from 6:00 am of March 7, toquoc.vn reported.

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Specifically, accommodation staff are instructed to download the application "Vietnam Health Declaration" from the Play Store (for Android users) or the App store (for iOS users) to their smartphones or tablets, then scan the QR code which was issued to the guests upon entry, or search the guests’ declaration code on mobile devices, or by passport number for those having declared their health status at the border gates.

For guests who have not declared their health status at the immigration checkpoint, the staff should assist them to declare on the website: https://tokhaiyte.vn/ or via the application "Vietnam Health Declaration" on mobile phones.

In order to prevent Covid-19 epidemic, accommodation establishments have been requested to submit their basic information (name, address, telephone, email) in the form of online declaration to the authorities.

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