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Hanoi’s neighbor province isolates one commune with five Covid-19 patients
Anh Kiet 13:05, 2020/02/13
Adjacent to and well linked with Hanoi, Vinh Phuc will resolutely implement measures to control the Covid-19 epidemic.

Vinh Phuc province, which borders with Hanoi, has decided to isolate Son Loi commune in Binh Xuyen district, where five people have tested positive for Covid-19, to prevent its spread, Zing.vn quoted Vice Chairman of the Vinh Phuc People's Committee Le Duy Thanh as saying on February 12.

 Illustratve photo. Source: Zing

Thanh said that as Vinh Phuc is adjacent to Hanoi, with large roads running through and near Noi Bai International Airport, the province will resolutely implement measures to control the epidemic.

He stressed that this strong measure ensued the detection of five cases of Covid-19 infection in Son Loi commune.

“We decided to set up eight checkpoints at the commune's entrances and controlled by the provincial police. People will not be allowed to leave the commune, except for urgent cases that need approval from the provincial police. Outsiders are also forbidden from entering the commune, except members of the task forces,” Thanh said.

He added that the provincial People's Council has discussed and passed a resolution to support people in the isolation period.

Accordingly, the provincial government will provide an allowance worth VND40,000 (US$1.72) per day for each Son Loi commune resident, including local people and immigrants such as hired laborers. The person in the commune who is taken to the isolation place will be given VND60,000 (US$2.58) per day.

Besides, the province will pay VND200,000 (US$8.6) per day for each person working at the checkpoints.

The Vinh Phuc People's Committee also requested the provincial Department of Industry and Trade to stabilize prices of goods, set up mobile sales points to ensure essential goods for villagers.

Vietnam has reported 16 cases of infection, of them seven have recovered and been discharged from hospital.
As of February 13, the number of Covid-19 infections reached 60,017 globally while the death toll has risen to 1,355, including two outside China.

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