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Hanoi installs QR-code scanning cameras at Covid-19 checkpoints
The QR-code scanning cameras system is expected to detect Covid-19 patients and people having direct contact with them, as well as those who have been fully vaccinated.
22:30, 2021/09/14
Relief packages reach more than 2.5 million Hanoi residents
Hanoi has been speeding up disbursement and giving support to the right people through streamlining procedures and being flexible in the application of new solutions.
20:43, 2021/09/14
Hanoi businesses prepare for reopening post social-distancing period
Hanoi is expected to ease restriction measures after September 21.
16:25, 2021/09/14
Hanoi may relax Covid-19 restrictions after ramping up vaccination
Hanoi city has gone nearly two months under a citywide social distancing order starting July 24, the longest since the novel coronavirus first flared up in the country.
08:54, 2021/09/10
Hanoi begins injecting one million Vero Cell vaccine doses
Hanoi city has set a target to give the first shot to all residents aged from 18 before September 15.
20:02, 2021/09/09
Noi Bai Int’l Airport’s upgraded runway put into operation
The upgraded runway surface is covered with mastic, a suitable waterproofing membrane used in all types of green roofs and known for its long-term performance and durability.
18:28, 2021/09/08
Hanoi provides support worth over US$830 million for businesses
The support comes at a time when the Covid-19 situation remains serious in Hanoi, negatively affecting businesses operation.
22:19, 2021/09/06
Hanoi's economy shows positive performance in January-August period
Hanoi has set a high growth target of 7.5%. Priorities will be given to high-potential economic areas, including manufacturing and processing.
20:23, 2021/09/06
Hanoi helps Covid-affected foreigners
With love and care from Hanoi residents, foreigners in the city had received much valuable encouragement and support.
16:38, 2021/09/04
Supply chain helps stabilize agricultural production in Hanoi
The supply chains have ensured the quality of agricultural products to consumers in Hanoi amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
16:25, 2021/09/04
Hanoi to launch mobile app on tax payment since September
The move is part of the local tax authority’s efforts to digitalize tax management from now until 2022.
10:43, 2021/09/04
Hanoi: Some restrictions relaxed to weaken Covid-19's economic blow
Hanoi said it needs to relax restrictions in the safe zone to continue economic activities.
14:22, 2021/09/02
National Day Ceremony September 2: Hanoi belief in the victory over the pandemic
Celebrating this year's National Day, Hanoi’s people strictly comply with social distancing measures and firmly believe that the Covid-19 pandemic will soon be repelled.
20:29, 2021/09/01
Hanoi considers extending social distancing beyond first week of September
Hanoi city has gone more than a month under a citywide social distancing order starting July 24, the longest since the novel coronavirus first flared up in the country.
21:30, 2021/08/30
Hanoi industrial production maintains growth of 6.3% in 8-month period
At a time when Hanoi is adopting social distancing measures, a total of 70 industrial parks, home to 4,169 enterprises and 62,000 workers, are still operational.
16:17, 2021/08/30
Hanoi's student wins 3rd Prize of International UPU writing contest
Dao Anh Thu, a 14-years-old student from Nguyen Huy Tuong secondary school of Hanoi, has won the 3rd prize in the 50th International Letter-Writing Competition (ILWC)
15:58, 2021/08/30
Hanoi’s Covid-19 makeshift hospital to be operational on Sep. 1
The makeshift hospital is among the capital city's contingency plans to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.
15:28, 2021/08/27
Hanoi to build a premier Museum of Nature
The new Vietnam National Museum of Nature is expected to meet the task of preserving natural heritage, serving scientific research, and the interests of the community.
10:36, 2021/08/27
Hanoi focuses on fostering unique ties with Laos localities: City Party chief
Hanoi will continue to contribute to bilateral relations and explore new fields to tap into the potential of each side.
20:35, 2021/08/25
Hanoi provides supports to transport companies
The move is welcomed by transportation firms as it helps them keep business afloat throughout this difficult period.
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