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Hanoi polytechnic lecturer receives Italian Order of the Star
Hanoi polytechnic lecturer has contributed to the Italian research on the fields by writing many articles published in prestigious specialized journals.
16:24, 2021/04/15
Hanoi named in Vietnam’s top 10 business-friendly localities
Given its status as Vietnam’s major economic hub, improvements in administrative reform in Hanoi would have significant impact on the overall economy, said an expert.
09:58, 2021/04/15
E-government key to improve Hanoi public satisfaction on governance: Expert
Every teacher, public servant, or healthcare staff has to adapt to high quality administrative services.
15:45, 2021/04/14
Some 350,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses to be administered for Hanoi residents
Hanoi attains the highest inoculation rate nationwide in the first vaccination campaign.
10:50, 2021/04/10
Vietnam Stock Exchange set to have registered capital of US$130 million
Under the decision, the Vietnam Stock Exchange (VNX) would operate under the form of single member limited liability company and 100% owned by the Ministry of Finance.
20:06, 2021/04/09
Hanoi team ranks 1st at National Archery Championships 2021
The 2021 National Archery Championships ended up with great successes of Hanoi archers.
18:10, 2021/04/08
First smart electric bus underway in Hanoi
The introduction of electric bus to Hanoi mass transit network is expected to encourage local residents to switch to public transport.
17:02, 2021/04/08
New US Embassy headquarter in Hanoi - a symbol of bilateral relation
The new embassy building demonstrates the partnership and friendship between the US and Vietnam, said the outgoing US Ambassador to Vietnam Daniel Kritenbrink.
16:48, 2021/04/08
Hanoi pushes work on US$600-million Lotte Mall project: Mayor
Lotte is committed to further supporting Hanoi’s socio-economic development, including a startup fund and farm export to South Korea.
17:23, 2021/04/07
Fashion show to honor Vietnamese Ao dai
The event is part of the national campaign entitled “Ao dai – a Vietnamese Heritage” launched by the Vietnam Women's Union Central Committee to honor the beauty of Vietnamese woman in their traditional costume.
12:02, 2021/04/07
Hanoi to raise $1 billion from auctioning land use rights at 446 projects
The auctioning of land use rights in Hanoi is to ensure efficient utilization of land funds and meet the growing demand for lands of the people and enterprises.
20:18, 2021/04/06
Six major tasks await newly-appointed Hanoi Party Chief
Local media lists China-funded metro line the biggest task for the city’s new leader.
15:40, 2021/04/06
Hanoi to host gastronomy and tourism festival this month
The festival aims at introducing tourism products, combined tour packages and accommodations to Hanoi travelers.
14:16, 2021/04/06
Hanoi to receive 50 thousand doses of Covid-19 vaccine
For the upcoming second round of Covid-19 vaccination, Hanoi city will pay attention to screening and ensuring vaccination criteria.
20:32, 2021/04/05
Hanoi plants around 554,000 new trees
Hanoi's tree planting campaign has significantly mitigated urban heat and contributed to improving the living environment of local residents over the past few years.
17:29, 2021/04/03
[Infographic] Finance minister takes over as Hanoi Party leader
Dinh Tien Dung, 60, began his career in finance and construction sectors.
07:34, 2021/04/03
Hanoi GRDP growth expands by 1.25-fold to 5.17% in Q1
The construction – industry sector was among key contributors for economic growth by an expansion rate of 7.99% year-on-year, representing an increase of 1.43-fold year-on-year.
17:39, 2021/04/02
Hanoi has new party chief
Dung was elected to Politburo, the country’s most powerful body, in January 2021.
21:37, 2021/04/01
France wants to repair Vietnam’s century-long Long Bien Bridge
After a century of change, the bridge remains Hanoi’s iconic structure.
19:30, 2021/04/01
Finnish businesses expect to boost trade with Hanoi
Hanoi is making efforts to improve its business and investment environment in order to lure more foreign investment, especially in high-tech.
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