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Hanoi finds another positive coronavirus case linked to Danang
Hanoi's new Covid-19 patient has self-isolated at home since July 27.
15:37, 2020/08/07
Hanoi to host cultural events to mark 1010th anniversary of its foundation
A solemn celebration, themed “Thang Long-Hanoi, Eternal Vitality” is expected to take place on October 10.
15:05, 2020/08/07
Hanoi runs RT-PCR test on nearly 100,000 returnees from Danang
The RT-PCR test is totally reliable while the accuracy of Covid-19 quick test is only from 60% to 75%.
00:42, 2020/08/07
Negative coronavirus rapid test results still imply transmission risk: Hanoi mayor
The Hanoi mayor said that though the 72,000 people were tested quickly and got negative results, there is a strong probability of undetected Covid-19 infection.
19:23, 2020/08/06
Hanoi to call for EU investment in pharmaceutical and hi-tech industries: Mayor
The EVFTA is an opportunity for Hanoi to boost cooperation in trade and investment with EU member countries, said Hanoi’s mayor Nguyen Duc Chung.
12:58, 2020/08/06
800 Hanoian returnees from Danang to undergo concentrated quarantine
The returnees must undergo concentrated quarantine for having a long stay in Danang and bearing high risk of infection.
12:26, 2020/08/06
6 Covid-19 patients linked to Danang-Hanoi flight on July 24
The airplane landed at Noi Bai airport packed with passengers who did not wear face masks, said Hanoi’s mayor Nguyen Duc Chung.
11:53, 2020/08/06
Hanoi raises Covid-19 alert until August 12
The move comes as Hanoi has reported the third Covid-19 case linked to the outbreak in Danang.
09:13, 2020/08/06
Hanoi confirms one more coronavirus case, conducts aggressive contact tracing
The newest case leaves Hanoi on high alert due to his widespread travel history.
17:13, 2020/08/05
Hanoi boosts development of craft villages
The capital city continues to support rural enterprises and industrial facilities for the development of craft villages.
15:47, 2020/08/04
Hanoi checks all people with severe illnesses
Hanoi has recorded 88,289 people returning from Danang, a new Covid-19 epicenter in Vietnam, since July 8.
09:37, 2020/08/04
Hanoi’s tourism industry takes preventive measures against Covid-19
Tour operators in the city should continue preparing new products while the city is fighting the pandemic.
16:48, 2020/08/03
Hanoi to build another urban railway line worth US$1.8 billion
The line is designed to run through districts of Hoan Kiem, Hai Ba Trung and Hoang Mai and span 8.8 kilometers, with 8.13 km going underground.
09:31, 2020/08/03
Hanoi urged to identify emission sources to improve air quality
Pointing out emission sources is the fundamental and crucial step to tackle air pollution in Hanoi.
13:54, 2020/08/02
Hanoi’s mayor calls for higher awareness in fighting Covid-19
Hanoi's mayor has requested subordinate departments, localities and units to make efforts to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.
11:50, 2020/08/02
All Hanoians returning from Danang test negative for Covid-19 via screening
Hanoi has traced over 72,000 people returning from Danang since July 8, four times the initial estimate of 18,000.
17:13, 2020/08/01
Hanoi braces for heavy rains until August 5
The tropical storm is set to make landfall on Vietnam’s Red river delta and Thanh Hoa province tomorrow evening.
14:21, 2020/08/01
Hanoi disburses nearly 50% of 2020 public investment funding
Hanoi targets to disburse 100% of the target amount this year to aid the city’s economic development.
23:19, 2020/07/31
Hanoi shuts bars, karaoke parlors again from August 1
Ho Chi Minh City, Danang and Dak Lak have re-instated social distancing orders amid new Covid-19 developments.
16:10, 2020/07/31
More public spaces needed in Hanoi to improve living standards
Public spaces in Hanoi are still far from meeting the world standard of 9 square meters per person.
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