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What essential services in Hanoi stay open?
The city’s authorities has announced a list of businesses allowed to remain open while other non-essential services have to close until April 15.
09:40, 2020/03/29
Largest hospital in Vietnam locked down after 12 Covid-19 patients found
The hospital of 3,500 beds for inpatients provides checkup and treatment to roughly 10,000 patients per day.
18:13, 2020/03/27
Hanoi reduces 80% of bus service to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic
The city cuts down 80% public transport service, equivalent to about 12,400 bus trips each day to prevent the coronavirus pandemic.
15:30, 2020/03/27
Hanoi Party chief urges soon operation of long-delayed metro line to reduce losses
Hanoi's Party chief requested setting up a task-force to accelerate the launch of the city's first metro line.
14:03, 2020/03/27
Hanoi continues strong support for businesses affected by Covid-19
Enterprises should not rely solely on the government’s support, but take this opportunity to restructure operation and develop new products, said a local government official.
09:25, 2020/03/27
Hanoi GRDP growth slows to record low of 3.72% on Covid-19
Such low growth rate was due to the severe impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the hardest hit sectors being tourism, transportation, manufacturing, among others.
09:02, 2020/03/27
Hanoi mayor warns locals of high contagion risk in community
Mayor Nguyen Duc Chung said the city has a large number of yet-to-be-detected Covid-19 patients.
14:46, 2020/03/26
Non-essential services in Hanoi stop to minimize Covid-19 contagion
Bars, parlors, cinemas and stadiums in Hanoi will remain shut to avoid coronavirus transmission through social gatherings.
14:39, 2020/03/26
Hanoi SMEs proposes extending relief programs for firms hurt by Covid-19
With the growing impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, local businesses rely on supportive measures from the local authority to cope with hardship.
12:31, 2020/03/26
Hanoi calls on people to avoid religious gatherings
People are requested to minimize outdoor activities, refrain from traveling by public transport and leave home out of necessity .
12:23, 2020/03/26
Hanoi's airport stops receiving Vietnamese passengers on quarantine overload
Hanoi is accommodating thousands of people in mandatory 14-day quarantine.
11:41, 2020/03/26
Hanoi localities urged to strictly supervise people under medical quarantine
Hanoi districts’ authorities are required to keep raising people's awareness of the pandemic.
09:42, 2020/03/26
Hanoi shuts eateries, entertainment facilities as coronavirus spread fast
Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung warns local people of high risk of community transmission in the coming days.
00:23, 2020/03/26
Hanoi has plans to treat 1,000 Covid-19 patients
The Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases second branch can provide treatment for one thousand Covid-19 patients.
12:05, 2020/03/25
Hanoi enterprises adapt to pandemic circumstances
The business community must take pioneering role in the capital city’s fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, said Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Vuong Dinh Hue.
07:04, 2020/03/25
Hanoi to update addresses of shops on Hanoi SmartCity app
The move aims to inform people about the locations where essential goods are sold in the capital city.
21:25, 2020/03/24
Hanoi strictly controls medical declarations for passengers at bus stations on Covid-19
Medical declaration helps bus managers control passengers’ health and journey, and makes it easier for the competent agencies to handle Covid-19 disease.
11:11, 2020/03/24
Hanoi people advised to stay at home to avoid corona infection
Hanoi is entering a more intense phase of the fight against the coronavirus and it challenges the city's efforts if secondary transmission is not well managed.
01:34, 2020/03/24
Hanoi identifies 10 key missions to cope with Covid-19 pandemic
The Hanoi Steering Committee for Prevention and Control of Covid-19 has required local departments to perform important tasks.
14:30, 2020/03/23
Hanoi able to provide 20,000 beds for isolation to prevent Covid-19
There remain 2,500 vacancies in Phap Van - Tu Hiep residential quarter in Hoang Mai district.
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