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Hanoians enjoy meaningful cultural activities on Tet
Anh Kiet 00:27, 2020/01/29
Asking for calligraphic words at the beginning of the Lunar New Year is a cultural beauty that has existed for a long time.

During the week-long holiday, Hanoians have the opportunity to participate in a wide rangre of entertainment programs and meaningful activities to celebrate the traditional Lunar New Year, or Tet for short.

On the second and third days of the Lunar New Year, many residents in the capital city went to Ho Van, which is the lake in the Temple of Literature, to ask for calligraphic words that represent their wishes in the Year of the Rat. Many of them are students who expect good results in the upcoming exams.

Asking for calligraphic words at the beginning of the Lunar New Year is a cultural beauty that has been around for a long time.

 A large number of young people go to the Temple of Literature on the third day of Tet holiday. Photo: Tienphong

 Students ask for calligraphic words wishing for a lucky and successful school year. Photo: Tienphong

 More than 50 calligraphy masters from different provinces joined the meaningful activity. Photo: Tuoitre

 The stalls of the calligraphy masters are always packed with people who ask for calligraphic words. Photo: Tienphong

 Asking for words is an indispensable spiritual activity of many Hanoians. Photo: Tienphong

 Asking for words with wishes of a peaceful and lucky new year. This activity at the Temple of Literature runs until the twelfth day of the Year of the Rat. Photo: VnExpress

Spring Book Fair in downtown Hanoi attracts a large number of young people

On early days of the Lunar New Year, besides going to pagoda and asking for words, many Hanoians visited the Spring Book Fair, which was launched on January 27 at the December 19 book street, to buy their favorite books and enjoy diverse cultural activities.

Being familiar with Spring Book Street, Nguyen Quang Minh (Cau Giay, Hanoi) told Tuoi Tre newspaper: "At the beginning of the lunar year, I buy books like I acquire new knowledge for a whole year. I think this is a good habit for young people and should be maintained."

The launching of the week-long event drew the attendance of an array of tourists:

 The Spring Book Fair 2020 attracts the attention of a large number of young readers. Photo: Tuoitre

 This year's book fair is not only a place for book lovers to buy their favorite literary works, but also an appropriate space for young people to share their passion for reading with their parents. Photo: Tuoitre

 With diverse types of books, readers can easily choose their favorite ones with discounts of 20-50%. Photo: Tuoitre

 On the occasion of the beginning of the year, bookstore owners also prepare lucky money for visitors. Photo: Tienphong

 In addition to the book space, there is also a stall to introduce spring newspapers and folk paintings. Photo: Tienphong

 Asking for calligraphic words at the Spring Book Fair to preserve the cultural beauty at the beginning of the year. Photo: Tienphong

 The beautiful space of the Spring Book Fair attracts many people to take photos. Photo: Tienphong

 The Spring Book Fair 2020 will take place until the end of February 3 (the tenth day of the Lunar New Year). Photo: Tienphong

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