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Hanoi urges scientists and international firms to invest in technology transfer
By Tuan Minh 16:59, 2016/07/13
On July 12, speaking at the Business Forum of Southeast Asia in the framework of the World Cities Summit 2016 (WCS 2016) in Singapore, Chairman of Hanoi People`s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung called scientists and international firms for technology transfer investment so that Hanoi soon become a liveable city in the world.
Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen Duc Chung
Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen Duc Chung
At the Business Forum of Southeast Asia in the framework of the World Cities Summit 2016 (WCS 2016) in Singapore, Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen Duc Chung said that Hanoi would like to become an investment destination, trade business and tourist attraction for investors as well as international enterprises.

To achieve this goal, Hanoi will focus on three breakthroughs, including: Uniform development, gradual modernization of urban infrastructure and rural development; Continuing to promote administrative reform, improve the investment environment; Improving the quality of human resources. In particular, Hanoi's leaders are committed to innovate the operating and build mechanisms and policies in line with the wishes and aspirations of the people and the needs of investors, as well as ensuring the rights for interests, protecting the legitimate property of the investor.

"We have made strong commitments to improve the investment environment, investment cooperation and development in the transparent, open, professional direction; ensure business freedom of the people, businesses and focus on building e-government, creating business environment", Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung said.

Sharing about the challenges that Hanoi is facing, Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung acknowledged the current difficulties on the issue of urban planning, environmental pollution, waste water treatment, human resources training, private vehicles managing and public transport development and so on. Thus, in addition to mobilizing domestic resources, Hanoi desires to strengthen closer cooperation, as well as building partnerships with international friends and enterprises, developing into a dynamic, efficient and competitive City in the region and in the world.

Earlier in the day, Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung attended the plenary session of the WCS, themed the future City is built from the innovation of the population. Chung also had meetings with Singapore's Minister of National Development Lawrence Wong, worked with Temasek Corporation and visited Vietnam Embassy in Singapore.
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