Hanoi to invest at least 1% of GRDP in sci-tech by 2025
Nhat Minh - Tran Ha 17:18, 2021/01/18
Hanoi will become a smart city with digital solutions, meeting the increasing demand of businesses and local people.

Hanoi’s investment in science and technology will account for at least 1% of its regional gross domestic product (GRDP), according to the Resolution of the 17th Party Congress of the Hanoi Party Committee for the 2020-25 tenure.

 Hanoi’s investment in science and technology will account for at least 1% of its regional gross domestic product (GRDP). Photo: Thanh Hai

The municipal Party Committee has identified strong promotion of science, technology and innovation as a major task, a solution, and a breakthrough for the city's development. This is the first time the concept of innovation is added to the Resolution in accordance with the central direction and trends. 

Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Vuong Dinh Hue emphasized at a recent event in Hanoi that among ten major programs under the Resolution, that contains programs on promoting innovation models, economic restructuring and international integration; improving productivity, product quality, efficiency and competitiveness; rapidly and sustainably developing the capital; and boosting the development of science, technology and innovation.

"These programs' successes are important to turn the city's targets into reality by 2025," Mr. Hue said.

The city also aims to complete the country's leading innovative startup ecosystem by 2025, to be among the leading group in ASEAN by 2035 and in Asia by 2045," Mr. Hue added.

Hanoi will focus on building the initiative network of the capital and promote the role of creative city in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, closely connecting with regulatory agencies, intellectuals and businesses to solve specific issues pertaining to the capital city development and creating a new driving force in promoting the realization of goals in the development process.

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