Hanoi to cover 5G in IPs, schools, hospitals and tourist sites by 2030
Phi Khanh 13:12, 2021/07/28
The city plans to be one of the five localities leading digital transformation in Vietnam by 2025.

Hanoi is set to cover 5G in industrial parks (IP), high-tech parks, schools, hospitals, and tourist places, as well as research & development and innovation centers by 2030.

 Hanoi will continue to promote 5G commercial deployment. Photo: Vingroup

It is the goal under a draft plan to develop telecommunications infrastructure for Hanoi's Digital Transformation Program to 2025 with a vision to 2030, which was approved by the Hanoi People’s Committee recently.

The draft of the city’s Digital Transformation Program, submitted by the Hanoi Department of Information and Communication, highlighted by 2025 Hanoi would be one of the five cities and provinces taking the lead in digital transformation, information technology, competitiveness, innovation, and network security.

"The city will become one of the top countries in Southeast Asia in data science and artificial intelligence (Al)," according to the draft.

To implement the goal, the city will develop broadband telecommunications infrastructure, including 5G and fixed broadband networks, to be the foundation for the development of the digital economy and digital society. 

The capital will continue to develop the current 4G network and promote 5G commercial deployment, encourage mobile network operators to share their network infrastructure, and prioritize the development of high-speed broadband infrastructure in high-tech parks and concentrated information technology parks.

"All economic sectors will be encouraged to participate in developing and exploiting postal and telecommunications infrastructure," the draft stated.

Hanoi has deployed the Vpostcode postal address code platform developed on the digital map that forms a common database. This will foster the development of e-government, smart cities, and online public services through the postal network.

The city has also required telecommunications businesses to synchronously deploy technical solutions to ensure network information safety and security as well as launch a centralized information security and monitoring system.

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