Hanoi to boost e-commerce via digital Vpostcode system
Phi Nhat - Ha Thanh 08:02, 2021/01/22
The city’s information and communications is drafting action plans for developing its digital economy.

The Hanoi Department of Information and Communications should focus on the deployment of 5G and national postal code Vpostcode as these are the foundations to develop e-commerce and digital economy, said Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Pham Anh Tuan.

Mr. Tuan was speaking at the department’s meeting to take stock on the performance of last year and orientations for 2021.

 Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Pham Anh Tuan. Photo: sotttt.gov.vn

This is one of the six major orientations of the information and communications industry,  MIC Deputy Minister Pham Anh Tuan pointed out, while requesting the department to complete the database for deploying the digital Vpostcode system in the whole city in the second quarter of this year.

Vpostcode was developed by Vietnam Post to boost the growth of e-commerce and the digitalization of the postal industry. 

For this year, Deputy Minister Tuan requested the department to focus on developing and completing digital infrastructure, as well as focusing on IT parks and promoting the development of digital enterprises and startups. He urged the department to accelerate the deployment of shared platforms to boost e-government application.

The deputy minister encouraged entities of the Ministry of Information and Communications to sign cooperation agreements with the department in the realization of the six MIC’s orientations.

"The department should play a key role in coordinating with relevant agencies to promptly provide official information on issues of social concern. In addition, the training of high-quality IT laborers should also be enhanced as they plays a core role to make Hanoi develop towards civilization and modernity," Mr. Tuan requested.

At the event, Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee Chu Xuan Dung spoke highly of the Department of Information and Communications’ achievements in 2020, which contributed to helping the capital achieve the dual goal of the economic development and prevention of the pandemic.

 The Hanoi Department of Information and Communications focuses on the communication work on the 13th National Party Congress. Photo: sotttt.gov.vn

"The Department should focus on the communication work on the 13th National Party Congress, the elections to the National Assembly and People's Councils at all levels and the first year of implementing the five-year socio-economic development plan for the 2021-2025 period," Mr. Dung said.

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