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Hanoi strictly handles illegal entries to prevent coronavirus intrusion
Anh Kiet - Thuy Tien 14:15, 2020/11/26
Vietnam has detected many illegal entries and Hanoi police have also caught 14 cases.

Hanoi will keep strictly handling illegal entries to prevent the risk of imported Covid-19 transmissions as the Covid-19 pandemic evolution remains tense around the world, Kinh te & Do thi quoted Vice Chairman of the municipal People's Committee Ngo Van Quy as saying at a meeting on November 25.

 Vice Chairman of the municipal People's Committee Ngo Van Quy speaks at the meeting. Photo: Kinhtedothi.vn

Vietnam has detected many illegal entries while 14 cases have been detected in Hanoi, Mr. Quy said.

The vice chairman asked relevant units to strictly supervise those under paid quarantine at accommodation establishments and diplomatic entries.

Last week, Hanoi’s authorities also met with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to complete the protocol on isolating incoming people. The concerned agencies agreed to strictly monitor these cases because coronavirus-infected people are still boarding planes to Vietnam, Mr. Quy said.

He added that although the Ministry of Health has issued a number of guidelines for quarantine sites, the lack of vigilance has been reported at several establishments, especially hotels and other accommodation facilities.

The official added that the city’s agencies should keep disseminating the "5K" message of the Ministry of Health since the good observance of the 5K is a "steel shield" to protect people from the Covid-19 pandemic. 5K means "Khau trang" (face mask) - "Khu khuan" (disinfection) - "Khoang cach" (distance) - "Khong tu tap" (no gatherings) - "Khai bao y te" (health declaration).

He asked the competent forces to continue to strictly handle the cases flouting measures of pandemic prevention and control issued by the Hanoi People's Committee and the Ministry of Heath.

"Media outlets should timely report on the examplary people who observe the pandemic prevention protocols as well as those showing signs of carelessness so as for the authorities to handle," the vice chaiman suggested.

Although no new local cases have been recorded in the capital city for more than three months, Mr. Quy said a resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic is latent, so staying vigilant is a must as cold and dry winter conditions favor the transmission of the virus.

The vice chairman stressed that people should regularly wash hands with soap or hand sanitizers, and keep safe distancing and avoid mass gatherings.

Vietnam has gone 84 straight days without locally acquired Covid-19 cases. However, people are advised to stay vigilant and anyone who has any symptoms needs to get tested and isolate themselves until having confirmatory results.

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