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Hanoi seeks ADB's support in speeding up urban railway project
Ngoc Thuy 15:43, 2020/11/04
One of the key breakthroughs for Hanoi’s development is urban transportation, including ongoing urban railway projects, Hanoi’s mayor Chu Ngoc Anh has said.

Hanoi will enhance cooperation with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to ensure the soon implementation of the urban railway line No.3 extension project, section Hanoi Railway Station to Hoang Mai district, according to Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee Chu Ngoc Anh.

 Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee Chu Ngoc Anh (right) and ADB Country Director in Vietnam Andrew Jeffries (left). Photo: Ngoc Thuy. 

“One of the key breakthroughs to boost Hanoi’s development is urban transportation, especially urban railway,” stated Mr. Anh in a meeting with ADB Country Director in Vietnam Andrew Jeffries on November 4.

Mr. Anh highly apricated the ADB’s support for Hanoi in various fields, especially in transportation and infrastructure development.

According to Mr. Anh, two major urban railway projects in Hanoi are being financed by the ADB, including urban railway line No.3 (section Nhon – Hanoi Railway Station).

The project, whose construction started in 2017, has had workload completed 20%, stated Mr. Anh, adding amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the local authorities are committed to working with contractors to ensure the completion of the project by February 2022.

 Delegates at the meeting. Photo: Ngoc Thuy. 

Mr. Anh asked the ADB to continue supporting Hanoi during the government’s approval process for the urban railway line No.3 extension project, section Hanoi Railway Station to Hoang Mai district.

ADB Country Director in Vietnam Andrew Jeffries said the bank is willing to support the development of Hanoi, including infrastructure construction and other fields.

Mr. Jeffries informed the ADB is working with the Ministry of Planning and Investment regarding a number of projects financed by the bank in Vietnam, including the urban railway line No.3 extension, which is a large-scale and complicated project.

As the ADB is preparing for its partnership program with Vietnam in the next five years, this project would be included in the ADB’s priority list in the country, he noted.

In addition to urban railway project, the ADB could support Hanoi in other fields of urban development, including waste treatment and lighting system, added Mr. Jeffries.

Hanoi’s mayor Anh highly regarded ADB’s support programs for Hanoi in the coming time, as well as its suggestions for greater efficiency in urban management.

Mr. Anh instructed the municipal Department of Planning and Investment to serve as a focal point in working with the ADB for urban development, adding he expects the ADB to play an active role in the capital city’s future process of development.

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