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Hanoi ready for military recruitment day
Anh Kiet 10:02, 2021/02/23
Hanoi’s military recruitment day will be held on February 27.

About 3,500 young citizens will join military service while more than 1,000 others will service in the people’s police force this year, according to a plan of Hanoi.

 The drafted youth are undergoing health check in Nam Tu Liem district. Photo: Huu Thu

The city’s military recruitment day will be held on February 27. The city’s agencies and local governments have prepared for the event in a solemn and safe manner in accordance with Covid-19 prevention protocols.

Through the pre-qualification process, most of the youth in the military age (18-25) have met health and educational level requirements. For instance, Hai Ba Trung district has drafted 154 young people, of them, 80% have graduated from university, college and have good moral qualities.

Major General Nguyen Quoc Duyet, Commander of the Hanoi Capital High Command said basing on this year’s high enlistment quota, the municipal council of conscription has advised and coordinated with the Hanoi Capital High Command to fulfill the military enlistment targets.

Military service is compulsory in Vietnam. The country's constitution stipulates that defending the fatherland is the citizens' sacred duty and noble right. Citizens are dutybound to perform their military service and participate in building the all-people national defense.

Under the Military Obligation Law, all male citizens from all rural areas, city districts, organs, state enterprises, and vocational schools from elementary to college level, regardless of the positions they hold, if they meet the introduction criteria of the annual state plan, must serve in the armed forces for a limited time in accordance with the draft law.

The enlistment period is three years for ordinary enlistees, four years for technical specialists, and two years for certain ethnic minorities. Women may register if they are members of the Ho Chi Minh Youth League.

Major General Nguyen Quoc Duyet said the Hanoi Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, the municipal Confederation of Labor have set up specific plans to find job and vocational training courses for the discharged soldiers so that the newly enlisted youth can feel comfortable to fulfill their military duties.

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