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Hanoi's pupils awarded Grand Prix in international drawing contest
Jenna Duong 15:31, 2021/10/04
Two siblings from Hanoi have won the Grand Prix in the International Children's Drawings Competition.

Two primary school students from Hanoi, Do Trinh Hien Minh (9 years old) and Do Trinh Nha Minh (6 years old) have won the Grand Prix in the International Children’s Drawings Contest themed “Nature of the Planet”.

The award-winning painting “Butterflies Are Self-propelled Flowers” by Do Trinh Nha Minh (6 years old) 

Hien Minh won the award with the paintings “A Branch of Spring” and “Exciting Octopus”, meanwhile, her younger sister, Nha Minh, is among the winners in the 5-6 years-old-category with her painting “Butterflies Are Self-propelled Flowers”.

The International Children’s Drawings Competition “The Nature of the Planet” is part of the project “The World through the Eyes of Children” launched by the Russian writer and ideologist Maria Karpinskaya.

According to the event organizers, this is an annual painting competition for children between the ages of three and 18. This year’s winning paintings were selected from 1,500 entries sent from 16 countries around the world.

The awarded paintings will be displayed at the International Exhibition of Children's Drawings “The World Through the Eyes of Children” in Russia and India. The exhibition in India, however, has been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and is planned to be organized by the end of 2021.

The award-winning painting “A Branch of Spring” by Do Trinh Hien Minh (9 years old) 

The organizer of the contest, Maria Karpinskaya, stated: “We are all children of the planet - from young to old. And, like children, whenever people need help, we turn to our origins”.

“All the best qualities are born in a person from love for Nature: love, sympathy, mercy and compassion,” she adding that “nature in its diversity is extremely harmonious: it educates and teaches us to think and gives us a sense of beauty and gratitude.”

Find more artworks by Hien Minh and Nha Minh below:

“The Gecko understands the color of the world” by Nha Minh
The standing butterfly” by Hien Minh. 

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Hanoi's pupils awarded Grand Prix in international drawing contest
Two siblings from Hanoi have won the Grand Prix in the International Children's Drawings Competition.
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