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Hanoi enhances measures to maintain sustainable health insurance
Anh Kiet - Thao Nguyen 15:29, 2020/09/30
The Hanoi Social Insurance will focus on expand the coverage of health insurance to raise the coverage to 100% among students.

Thanks to measures to keep health insurance sustainable and enhanced communication work, Hanoi’s residents are more and more aware of the importance of obtaining health insurance, Kinh Te & Do Thi reported.

 A staff checks patients’ health insurance cards at Duc Giang General Hospital. Photo: Thanh Hai

According to statistics from the Hanoi Social Security, the number of Hanoi citizens with health insurance has increased rapidly, from 552,000 in 1995 to more than seven million in 2020 (up 12.7 times), representing a coverage of 90.1%.

As the benefits of health insured people have increasingly expanded and the quality of medical examination and treatment has been improved, more and more people have applied for health insurance.

The results have contributed to ensuring social welfare and improving the quality of health care for the people in the capital city.

In the time ahead, the insurance industry will continue to promote administrative reform, apply information technology in professional activities, create favorable conditions for applying for social insurance, health insurance and claiming benefits.

The Hanoi Social Security will focus on expanding the coverage of health insurance, mainly towards individual beneficiaries of social insurance, household beneficiaries and making effort to cover 100% of students with health insurance.

Recently, in order to better secure the rights of health insured people, the Hanoi Social Security and the Hanoi Department of Health have signed a coordination regulation on implementing policies and laws on health insurance.

"The signing of a coordination regulation between the two sectors is very necessary, in order to better implement the health insurance policies and overcome shortcomings to improve the quality of insurance," said Nguyen Khac Hien, director of the municipal Department of Health.

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