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Hanoi creates 180,500 jobs despite Covid-19
Anh Kiet - Oanh Tran 08:28, 2021/01/13
Hanoi has taken a number of measures to tighten the linkage between vocational education and businesses to develop the labor market.

More than 180,500 people got jobs in Hanoi in 2020 despite the negative impacts of Covid-19 pandemic on almost aspects of life, according to a city leader.

 Practical lessons for students of Hanoi Public Transport Vocational College. Photo: Kinhtedothi.vn

Vice Chairman of the municipal People's Committee Chu Xuan Dung said the figure reached 116% of the plan, in which 2,570 workers were sent to work abroad, some 7,400 workers in rural areas found jobs via vocational training and 13,930 employees were recruited through the job transaction services. 

Mr. Dung said that Hanoi has taken a number of measures to tighten the linkage between vocational education with businesses so as to develop the labor market.

"Hanoi has intensified communication so that businesses can see the benefits of linking with job training centers. The city has also mobilized political and social organizations in ensuring the quality of job training as well as job creation," Mr. Dung said.

Hanoi also applied new technologies to build a system connecting supply and demand for training model with the participation of schools, enterprises and students.

Besides, the city also used the Anti-Unemployment Fund to train employees working in enterprises. This is considered as a preventive solution to combat unemployment and ensure social security.

The city also provided more information on the labor market, supports job seekers to post job resumes, and helps enterprises to post recruitment announcement through website: vieclamhanoi.net.

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