Golden buffalo carrying kumquat tree, a decorative product for 2021
Duy Khanh 14:59, 2020/12/31
At the present time, the kumquat gardeners in Tu Lien (Tay Ho district, Hanoi) are busy preparing bonsai products such as peaches, kumquat to serve the Lunar New Year celebration. A part from traditionally ornemental trees, the artisans have created many products with the shape of buffalo as the Year of Buffalo is coming. These new products have beautiful and unique shapes and forms to attract customers

It’s more than one month to go to the Lunar New Year of Buffalo, garden owner at Tu Lien Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi, are busy at the final steps to complete beautiful kumquat ornamental trees to serve customers.

 In the recent years, kumquat bonsai grown on pots in the shape of the zodiac animals are well received thanks to impressive and unique shape. This year, golden buffalo carrying kumquat trees is an attractive product for many people.
 According to some garden owners, kumquat bonsai positioned on golden buffalo brings special meaning.

A golden buffalo symbolises the wish of good healhty, mature attitude to have prosperity and good fortune in the new year.

 The Anh Garden’s owner said he prepared hundreds of kumquat trees in different forms and shapes for the New Year market. Especially, he also creates many pots in the shape of golden buffaloes to meet the customers’ demand.
According to Mr The Anh, the buffalo carrying kumquat has been bought and ordered much. Price of this unique product is ranged from VND1 million to 4 million each depending on the size and beauty of the trees.

 “Vietnamese people had said that ‘Buffalo helps start the career’ to emphasise the importance of the animal. Buffalo is strong, healthy and hard-working so a bonsai on buffalo-shaped pot symbolised the good health, good fortune and prosperity for people,'' Mr The Anh said
 To be able to create beautiful bonsai kumquat trees, Tu Lien gardeners have to prepare for more than a year to implement the shaping and bending care. Then, the tree is put on buffalo's back for further care
 Planting kumquat on buffalo's back is also quite arduous and difficult. Gardeners choose the suitable tree, otherwise it will break the pot
 The work of fertilizing trees for blossom and fruits right on the occasion of Tet holiday requires much care and meticulousness. In particular, cold rain and frost will affect the quality of the fruits, so gardeners must take initiative in measures to protect the trees
 The tag with name, phone number and address of the customer who pre-ordered this kumquat tree
 Apart from golden buffalo-shaped pots, customers have many other options
 The pot with statues of three gods representing Happiness, Luck and Longevity expresses the wish of the happy year

According to some garden owners, kumquat bonsai positioned on golden buffalo brings special meaning.

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