Free face mask ATMs in Hanoi help needy people combat Covid-19
Nhat Minh 13:07, 2020/08/25
Besides Hanoi, many face mask dispensers have been installed across the country.

In Hanoi, a number of ATMs delivering face masks for free have been installed, as an effort to join hands in preventing and repelling Covid-19. 

At street intersections, there are “ATMs” that offer free face masks.

A free face mask ATM in Hue street.

 The first free face mask ATMs in Hanoi have been put into operation, contributing to the prevention and control of Covid-19 in the community, especially for self-employed workers and needy people.

  When queuing for masks, people keep a distance of two meters from each other.

 Simply by pressing the button on the dispenser, people receive the face mask.

 The so-called face mask ATM is sometimes just a box.

 People open the box and take out face masks.

 Due to the large number of people in need of face masks, each person is entitled to up to three free face masks.

 Nguyen Nam from Hanoi said that this action is very meaningful as it encourages people to mask up. He also hopes to see more free face masks dispensers across the city.

 The machine first ran in Ho Chi Minh City on August 6. It is an initiative launched by Hoang Tuan Anh, a local resident, based on his own idea of the acclaimed automatic rice dispenser in Ho Chi Minh City, popularly known as the rice ATM for people in need affected by the pandemic in April. The idea of the rice dispenser was later replicated in many other localities across the country.

Photos: Pham Hung (Kinh te & Do thi)

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