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Five Tet theme picture-taking hotspots in Hanoi
Ha An 15:19, 2020/01/21
Phung Hung mural street, Hang Ma, Nhat Tan peach garden are among five favorable options for perfect Instagrammable photos.

There are five highly suggestible locations in Hanoi for the locals and visitors to take the best “Tetporary” photoshoots, VnExpress reported. 

Nhat Tan peach garden

 Photo by Duong Hoang.

Nhat Tan is one the biggest and most well-known flower gardens in Hanoi as there are imposing lines of trees and ornamental plants grown along the Red River banks. 

Just around two weeks before Tet, the weather turned warm, leading to the early bloom of peach flowers, attracting numerous visitors to the location. Without buying ticket but visitors need authorization from the owners to enter the flower garden and they could take photos as long as they keep the flower branches undamaged.

 Photo by Duong Hoang. 

Besides, visitors can buy branches of peach flowers in the garden with prices ranging from VND100,000(US$4.32) to VND1 million (US$43.2) depending on to shapes and sizes.

A girl in the traditional long dress (Ao Dai) and posing for photos with peach flowers. Her photographer praised the wide view of the Nhat Tan garden that offers multiple angles to take beautiful photos.

Phung Hung mural street

 Photo by Lan Huong. 

The mural street was inaugurated in February 2018 running from Phung Hung to the middle of Hang Cot and Le Van Linh streets with several graffiti depicting the scenes of Tet and Hanoi’s Old Quarter such as calligraphy masters, peddlers or wooden windows. 

 Photo by Le Xuan Bach. 

The street attracts hundreds of visitors daily who come to take photos prior to Tet celebrations. 

Before the mid-Autumn festival 2019, the street was decorated with hanging lanterns to creating lots of settings for photo shootings. On Tet, the street is closed to traffic for the flower market. Therefore, besides taking photos with murals, visitors also have snapshots with peach blossoms and kumquat trees.

There are some booths in the roadbed selling traditional products namely weaves, ceramic, calligraphy among others. 

Hang Ma

 Photo by Lan Huong. 

Located about 100 meters from Phung Hung mural street, Hang Ma is the biggest wholesale and retail decór hub of the city. The area is always busy and bustling with people buying and selling thematic ornamental things on Tet, mid-Autumn festival and Halloween.

 Photo by Lan Huong. 

Days before Tet, the ambiance of Hang Ma is more lively than ever with lines of red lanterns, stickers, decorative balloons luring several visitors to take photos. 

Phuong Linh garden

 Photo by Duong Hoang. 

This is a familiar address for photographers in Hanoi, located on Au Co street. During Tet, visitors may wander along the streets of peach blossoms, flower gardens of yellow, purple and white blooms. The garden also features some settings for photo shootings. 

Book street

 Photo by Duong Hoang.

The 19/12 book street, which connects Ly Thuong Kiet and Hai Ba Trung streets, featuring the book stalls along the two sides was launched in May 2017.  Not only book presentation activities and cultural exchanges, the street also attracts visitors to take pictures, especially the young people. 

 Photo by Ngoc Thanh.

To celebrate the New Year, all the bookstalls are decorated red couplets, paper stickers apricot, peach blossom in front of their doors.

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