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Exclusive souvenirs on sale at Ho Chi Minh Museum in Hanoi
Ha An 16:08, 2020/01/12
The Ho Chi Minh Museum is home to 170,000 documents, objects, and films about President Ho Chi Minh’s life and his revolutionary cause.

Several exclusive and special gifts are on sale for the first time on the occasion of the launching of a souvenir shop in the Ho Chi Minh Museum ealier this week, Van Hoa (Culture) newspaper reported. 

 Real experience in making rubber sandals. 

As of January 9, souvenirs telling remarkable stories on the life of the late President Ho Chi Minh were on sale including the replicas of pure gold coins worth VND20 (1948) presented by the President to Governmental ministers, the miniatures of Uncle Ho’s rubber sandals, the 3D model of late President Ho Chi Minh at the Ceremonial Chamber, the museum's brand identity painted on fresh lotus leaf, among others.

 Rubber sandals with the design of those worn by Uncle Ho are for sale.


 Visitors buy souvenirs at the shop.


After 20 years of being thought up and under construction, the Ho Chi Minh Museum was inaugurated on September 2, 1990 on the occasion of the 100th birthday of the President.

The museum is home to 170,000 documents, objects, and films about President Ho Chi Minh’s life and his revolutionary cause, which are all precious properties of the Vietnamese people to promote patriotism, study and follow Ho Chi Minh’s lifestyle, thought and ethics.

Photo by Van Hoa newspaper. 

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