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Digital transformation to drive businesses' economic growth
To successfully implement digital transformation, local businesses will have to review their capabilities and needs as well as applying suitable solutions.
09:32, 2021/04/15
Vietnam car sales surge 127% in March
Domestic travel resumed in a number of provinces/cities as a result of the country’s effective Covid-19 containment is a major boost for sales figure.
16:10, 2021/04/14
Vietnamese steelmaker to manufacture containers next year
The first shipping containers under the Hoa Phat brand name will be delivered in Q2, 2022.
16:15, 2021/04/13
Majority of family businesses in Vietnam lack digital capabilities
The lack of the digital tools and capabilities that are needed for a rapidly changing world will present significant challenges to family businesses in protecting their legacy.
16:09, 2021/04/12
How GE help decarbonization in Vietnam?
Technology and utilizing operational benefits are the key factors enabling the multinational firm to serve dozens of power plants in Vietnam.
13:21, 2021/04/12
Vietnam gas consumption to double in next 10 years: Fitch Solutions
Gas demand is expected to rise from about 9.7 billion cubic meters (bcm) in 2020 to above 25.3bcm in 2030, while influx of LNG helps to counter the decline in domestic production.
11:29, 2021/04/11
Vietnamese rural consumers increase online shopping
As people in rural and suburban areas account for 63% of the population, and 60% of the country's GDP, they have the potential to drive business growth.
06:01, 2021/04/10
Vietnam Airlines’ proposal to set floor airfares affects recovery of Vietnam tourism industry
The proposal will hurt the interest of consumers and eliminate competition in the aviation industry.
20:27, 2021/04/07
Vietnamese enterprises seek partners at M-Tech Expo
Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo (M-Tech), one of the world largest mechanical engineering exhibitions, is taking place in Nagoya, the capital of Aichi prefecture, Japan.
17:51, 2021/04/07
Made-in-Vietnam textile products to be sold on Amazon
If sales through Amazon online stores worldwide are successful, Vietnamese products will have brand positioning in markets worldwide.
16:41, 2021/04/07
May 6 selected as Vietnam Statistics Day
The move aims to raise awareness and strengthen the linkage between statistics providers and users to ensure statistical data is produced in the fastest and most accurate way possible.
17:56, 2021/04/06
Vietnam Airlines' lenders get $173-million refinancing loan
The no-interest loan is aimed to help the state-owned airline mitigate negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.
12:57, 2021/04/06
Vietnam's new leaders expected to adopt opening-up policies: Int’l media
Vietnam’s leadership renewal marks a combination of experience and freshness, a suitable formula for Vietnam’s planned transition towards developed status by 2045.
16:33, 2021/04/03
Prime Minister approves establishment of Ha Tien border-gate economic zone
Authorities in the southern province of Kien Giang are calling for more investment projects in terms of trade, tourism, services, and technical infrastructure.
18:04, 2021/04/02
Green Chemistry: A must-do practicality for Vietnam’s sustainable growth
Green Chemistry training must be promoted at universities and fully applied in production.
16:45, 2021/04/02
Digital transformation - a must to adapt to the new context: Expert
Digital transformation will reduce human-to-human contact and prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and other epidemics.
11:46, 2021/04/02
Fitch revises Vietnam outlook to “Positive”
While the rollout of Vietnam's vaccination program is off to a slow start, but Fitch nevertheless expects the country’s GDP growth of about 7% in 2021 and 2022.
17:32, 2021/04/01
Vietnam’s growth prospect remains brightest in Asia
As uncertainties has led to HSBC revising down Vietnam’s GDP growth forecast in 2021 to 6.6%, the bank expected a strong rebound to 8.5% next year.
11:24, 2021/04/01
Business confidence in Vietnam hits 27-month high
Hopes that these trends will continue and that the Covid-19 pandemic will come to an end supported the greatest business confidence since mid-2019.
21:31, 2021/03/31
Lack of autonomy prevents state firms from embarking on innovation
At present, the level of efficiency in SOEs operation still remain modest and disproportionate to the amount of state capital under their disposal.
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