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“Vietnamese Communist Party through its Congresses” Exhibition opens
Thuy Duong 17:29, 2021/01/20
The exhibition aims to help the public, especially young cadres and party members to better understand about the Communist Party of Vietnam.

The "Vietnamese Communist Party through its Congresses" exhibition takes place from January 19 to May 31 at the Vietnam National Museum of History on the occasion of 91st founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the 13th National Party Congress.

The “Vietnamese Communist Party through its Congresses” will last until May 31, 2021. Photo: Lai Tan

The display features over 200 documents, exhibits and images related to the past 12 congresses of the Communist Party of Vietnam, starting from the first Congress held on March 27 to 31, 1935 in Macau-China. It is divided into three thematic areas.

The first area is called "The Birth of the Communist Party of Vietnam", featuring the essay entitled “The French Colonialism on Trial” (Ban an Che do Thuc dan Phap) written by President Ho Chi Minh in French and published in 1925-1926 in Imprékor, a Communist International newspaper; old publications of Thanh Nien (Youth Newspaper); the Party's Brief Political Platform” and the Party's Brief Policy which were drafted by President Ho Chi Minh and were adopted at the Conference on the Establishment of the Vietnamese Communist Party in February 3, 1930.

The second area of the display entitled “Vietnamese Communist Party through its Congresses" featuring reports, speeches, documents and resolutions of the Party; the manuscript of articles and talks transcripts of the General Secretary; badges for delegates attending the Party Congresses; as well as promotion posters and of the previous 12 congresses.

The third part, which is called "Towards the 13th National Party Congress", showcasing draft reports, documents, comments of the people and images of activities that were held to welcome the upcoming 13th National Party Congress.

At the exhibition, modern technologies are also applied by Vietnam National Museum of History throughout its exhibition activities, which not only enhance the visualization of the display but also contribute to providing richer information to visitors.

Through the exhibition, the museum wishes to help the public, especially young cadres and party members, to better understand the birth of the Communist Party of Vietnam; the history of the 12 past Party congresses with victories, achievements and lessons drawn from the practices of the Vietnamese Revolution under the leadership of the Party, thereby, making them more aware of their responsibilities in building a prosperous and peaceful country.

The exhibition will last until the end of May 2021.

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