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CNN lists the best banh mi restaurant in Hoi An
Ha Phuong 01:55, 2018/09/28
There`s a banh mi stand on almost every corner in Hoi An, an ancient town in central Vietnam, but which are the best of the best?
CNN, a US news-based cable and satellite television channel, has picked the five best banh mi restaurant for visitors who want to discover the beauty in Hoi An cuisine.
Banh Mi Phuong. Photo: CNN
Banh Mi Phuong. Photo: CNN
According to CNN, one of the best banh mi’s restaurant in Hoi An that you have to try is Phi Banh Mi. The banh mi here is created by Do Van Phi, a former chef at the Nam Hai (now the Four Seasons Nam Hai).
“Prepared in matter of seconds, the banh mi comes topped with an abundance of herbs – Vietnamese mint, spring onions, basil and a spicy helping of homemade chili sauce,” CNN wrote.
CNN also picked Madam Khanh – The Banh Mi Queen as one of the best banh mi’s restaurant in Hoi An. The restaurant has a bigger menu, including vegetarian, beef and fish banh mi - plus a slightly sweet sauce and added an omelet inside.
In addition, La Banh Mi Sai Gon Tai Hoi An is one of the good banh mi in Hoi An. Located in western Hoi An, La Banh Mi Sai Gon Tai Hoi An is a nostalgic stop.
“The most memorable ingredient is the pate. Off to the right, a wood-fired oven opens to reveal flames, licking a batch of fresh pork liver pate,” CNN wrote.
CNN also picked Banh Mi Phuong as one of the best banh mi’s restaurant in Hoi An. The most famous banh mi in the world, Banh Mi Phuong sells roughly 3,000-4,000 sandwiches per day.
The most important thing about banh mi is the bread. It has to be fresh -- crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. The restaurant has one of the largest menus with everything from vegetarian banh mi to bacon and beef.
Earlier, the Telegraph, a UK daily newspaper, used data from the Post Office to find out which cities are the cheapest destinations for a long-haul holiday. Hoi An in Vietnam has been ranked 5th among the 10 cheapest destinations for a long-haul holiday with a basket of 10 items costing the equivalent of US$98 on average.
The survey is based on data from the Post Office's annual Long Haul Holiday Report, which compared average prices for food, drinks and other common purchases in 34 destinations.
In 2017, Hoi An received 3.2 million tourists, a year-on-year increase of 21.66%, according to Quang Nam province's Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
The 3.22 million visitors included 1.78 million foreigners and 1.44 million domestic visitors. As many as 2.38 million tourists visited Hoi An Ancient Town, up 28.16%, and 400,000 ones went to Cu Lao Cham Island.
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