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Christmas festive music night opens to public
Thuy Duong 15:48, 2020/12/23
The night of sound and light, opened at the August Revolution Square, Hanoi on December 24, will be a ‘gift’ for not only young Vietnamese but also international friends to cheer them on as New Year is approaching.

A Christmas music night entitled "Hanoi Retro & Rap Xmas Party", organized by Hanoi Opera House, will take place at the August Revolution Square in Hanoi 8pm on December 24.

According to the organizing committee, the night of sound and light will be a ‘gift’ for not only young Vietnamese but also international friends to cheer them on as New Year is approaching.

Cannes dance band will performance at Hanoi Retro & Rap Xmas Party.

"Hanoi Retro & Rap Xmas Party" is organized by  Le Bros, IB Group, Thanh Productions, Show Tran Linh Hanoi, Show Solution Service, Opera Media, among others.

Inspired by the musical emotions of the 1970s and 1980s combining with modern music trends, the night consists of three main parts: songs from the 70s-80s; Vietnamese rap  and DJ mashup performance; and 3D mapping and light demonstrations.

Hanoi Opera House in a mapping and light demonstration. Photos the courtesy of Hanoi Opera House

Some Christmas hits to be performed by Vietnamese and foreign artists, include “Happy New Year”, “Last Christmas”, “River of Babylon”, “Gotta Go Home”, “You're My Heart You're My Soul”, “Gimme Gimme Your Loving”, and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

The Vietnamese rap and electronic music performances will have the participation of beloved artists of young locals: Tlinh, Gonzo, Thanh Draw, DJ Trang Moon, and Cannes dance band.

Joining the music event, audiences also have chance to immerse themselves in Christmas vibe with lights, reindeers and golden bells.

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