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Blazing heat attacks Hanoi
Anh Kiet - Photo: Pham Hung 21:22, 2020/05/21
The temperature in Hanoi peaked an average 38 degrees Celsius at 11a.m; however, outdoor temperature was about 44-46 degrees Celsius due to the urban heat island effect.

Scorching heat has hit Hanoians hard today, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius, the highest since the beginning of this year, Kinhtedothi.vn reported.

Summer has just begun but residents in Hanoi have already felt the worst of it when the temperature surged to 38 degrees Celsius in the midst of the scorching heat wave at noon while the heat on the road was recorded at up to 41 degrees Celsius.

The temperature in Hanoi peaked an average 38 degree Celsius at 11a.m; however, outdoor temperature was about 44-46 degree Celsius due to urban heat island effect, Zing.vn reported.

The heat wave is affecting the Hanoians’ daily routines. Motorbike commuters wrapped themselves in thick hoodies, face mask and sunglasses. Outdoor workers have to take a rest every 15 minutes under the trees’ shades while street vendors hide under pedestrian tunnels and locals minimize outdoor activities.

According to the National Center for Vietnam Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting, intensive heat would cause dehydration, exhaustion and stroke when working or traveling under the sun for a long time. Temperatures are forecast to go down tomorrow (May 22) thanks to rains in the northern region.

 Workers make a living in the hot sun.

 At noon, the peak temperature reaches 41 degrees Celsius.



Many people take shelter from the hot sun in a pedestrian tunnel on Pham Hung street.

 High temperatures stir up daily life in Hanoi.

 Workers have to cover themselves with umbrellas to avoid the heat on Hoang Sa street, Dong Anh district. This is a violation of the Road Traffic Law.
 The sun is bright red on West Lake.


Sidewalk tea shop becomes a place for workers to cool down with a cup of ice tea.

 Motorbike drivers take refuge from the sun under the overpass of Belt Road 3.
 Hot weather disturbs people’s life.

A cyclo driver struggles under the hot sun.

 Temperature in some road of Hanoi measured at 46 degrees Celsius, causing road mirage.
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