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Filmstoryteller 13: When Cinema Speaks Poetry
The event “FILMstoryteller 13: When Cinema Speaks Poetry” which comprises two film screenings: “Poetry” on November 15 and “The Postman” on November 29.
13:25, 2017/11/13
European Music Festival 2017
Music lovers in Vietnam are soon to be enthralled by a line-up of spellbinding and enchanting concerts in the European Music Festival 2017.
14:02, 2017/11/12
Music Performance “The Fifth Cardinal Direction”
To celebrate the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations Austria - Vietnam, you are invited to the performance “The fifth cardinal direction”, a composition by Gregor Siedl & Cao Thanh Lan.
13:45, 2017/11/11
Film Screening “Valérian et la cité des mille planètes”
Two agents of the 28th century race against time to identify the menace that jeopardizes the future of the universe.
13:45, 2017/11/11
Film Screening “Il était une forêt”
Filmmaker Luc Jacquet ventures into prehistoric rainforests and finds a world in perfect balance.
13:25, 2017/11/10
DocFest 2017: Program “Portrait”
A documentary film screening program which tell the stories of Vietnamese people from all walks of life.
13:15, 2017/11/10
Festival of Lights – “Diwali Night 2017” by Incham Hanoi
Celebration of India’s biggest festival of the year, hosted by the Indian Business Chamber in Vietnam (Incham Hanoi).
13:15, 2017/11/10
Performance of Japanese Play “Lady Aoi”
A traditional Japanese musical drama play based on the classic novel “Tale of Genji” written in the 11th century.
13:05, 2017/11/10
Hanoi DocFest 2017 Screening: “On The Endless Road”
A documentary-fiction film by Siu Pham within the framework of the film festival Hanoi DocFest 2017.
10:58, 2017/11/10
Science Film Week 2017
As part of the Science Film Festival 2017 Goethe-Institut also offers every Wednesday an extra film screening for the age group from 16.
12:56, 2017/11/09
Monsoon Music Festival 2017 by Tuborg
Three days of joy and music with 13 performances by talented artist from 9 countries.
12:45, 2017/11/09
Quest Festival 2017
Firmly establishing its place as Vietnam’s most premiere multi-day festival, Quest returns from November 10 -12 for an unforgettable weekend of music, art, discovery and magic.
12:06, 2017/11/09
German Band “the other shi” at Monsoon Music Festival 2017
The Monsoon Music Festival 2017, held from 10 – 12 November 2017, will explore this year’s theme of “traffic manners” in an educational effort to encourage greater caution on the capital’s roads.
11:07, 2017/11/07
Concert “A Night of Italian Music”
The HCMC Opera House will be “transferred” to the Mediterranean where audiences are entertained with finest Italian music compositions on the evening of November 8th.
10:28, 2017/11/05
Flamenco Dance Show “The Small Things”
“The Small Things” with the performance of dancer Úrsula López will perform on 6 Nov at The Grand Concert Hall Vietnam National Academy of Music.
10:18, 2017/11/05
Reality-Based Sound Workshop with Ernst Karel
Two-day workshop on documentary audio with sound engineer Ernst Karel will open on 6 Nov at VUI Studio, 3C Tong Duy Tan Street, Hanoi.
09:57, 2017/11/04
Film Screening “Minuscule: La vallée des fourmis perdues”
Come to film screening “Minuscule: La vallée des fourmis perdues” (Minuscule: Valley of the lost ants) (France, 2014, 89’), directed by Thomas Szabo and Hélène Giraud.
09:47, 2017/11/03
Toyota Classics 2017
The one-night-only concert “Toyota Classics 2017” will take place at 20:00, Nov 4th 2017 at the Hanoi Opera House.
09:38, 2017/11/03
“Bésame Mucho” – A Jazzy Night by SamRaz
Continuing the success of previous sessions, in this November, “Hidden Beat” is back with the stimulating yet deep, moving jazzy melodies from SamRaz.
10:36, 2017/11/01
Sing for Joy 2017
A concert by 8 experienced choirs with the theme “Hope” will be perform on 2 Dec 2017 at Hanoi Opera House.
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