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Top four richest people in Vietnam in the early 20th century
In the early 20th century, there was a saying "First Sy, second Phuong, third Xuong, and fourth Dinh" referring to the four wealthiest men in the country and Indochina at that time.
15:36, 2021/02/16
Pleasure for narcissus flower at Tet
Narcissus or Hoa Thuy Tien decorates every Hanoian's home during Tet (Lunar New Year Festival) as it is considered as a symbol of good luck and happiness.
15:36, 2021/02/16
The battlefield of Ngoc Hoi - Dong Da, a triumph of cunning and courage
Dong Da hillock is an evidence of Vietnam’s fighting spirit against China invaders.
21:55, 2021/02/14
Hanoi opens spring book street
The book street festival aims at maintaining and promoting the reading culture of the city’s people and among the whole community.
07:19, 2021/02/14
The dance of ‘girls playing drums’
Each of the traditional folk, dances which performs on festive days in the northern region, features different tunes and dance languages, but they all show the people's wishes for a peaceful new year to come.
13:58, 2021/01/28
Dream Plus Library opens
This newly opened library will help young readers to learn about Korean culture in the most lively and interesting way.
09:19, 2021/01/27
Hanoi holds various art programs to welcome 13th National Party Congress
These events are aiming at creating a joyful and exciting atmosphere for the people, in celebration of the major political event of the country.
15:51, 2021/01/25
Experience Vietnamese traditional Lunar New Year at Thang Long Imperial Citadel
A cultural display will be held at Thang Long Imperial Citadel from February 4 (or the 23rd day of the 12th month in the Lunar Calendar) to March 1.
21:28, 2021/01/21
“Eroica 2020” video installation to close Beethoven 250th anniversary celebrations
The cultural event is a contribution from Vietnam to the international exhibition entitled ‘Hotel Beethoven’ to commemorate Beethoven’s 250 birthday anniversary.
05:34, 2021/01/19
LiveSpace Vietnam gathers underground artists
LiveSpace Vietnam is the first non-profit professional music training project in Vietnam, creating opportunities for talented artists and bands to facilitate their professional music career.
12:43, 2021/01/14
Vietnam hosts two annual e-sports tournaments from 2021
Vietnam aims to become the hub of international e-sports and recreational sporting events in Southeast Asia.
20:37, 2021/01/13
Tet customs to be re-enacted in Hanoi
A variety of ancient Tet activities will be re-enacted for locals and international tourists to learn about Vietnamese fine traditions.
06:31, 2021/01/07
Tet craft playgrounds to re-enact Vietnamese Tet games & craft
Hanoi's most fabulous craft event to bid farewell to the year 2020 and welcome Vietnamese traditional lunar New Year.
16:46, 2021/01/05
"A night of Jarai ethnic’s music and talk" to take place in Hanoi
The night of music and talks will bring an extraordinary experience of the native culture of the Central Highlands to the public of Hanoi.
13:59, 2021/01/05
New Puppet Show debuts
The experimental puppet show entitled "The Moon" will make debut at the Vietnam Puppet Theater as a tourist product on February 8.
16:45, 2020/12/30
Tet rituals of Vietnamese ethnic people will be re-enacted
Ethnic groups in northeast mountainous area will showcase their colorful vibrant rituals at the festival.
15:17, 2020/12/25
Hanoi to display high altitude fireworks on New Year’s Eve
The high-altitude fireworks will last for 15 minutes (from 12am to 12.15am on January 1, 2021) in three districts in Hanoi.
17:11, 2020/12/24
Celebrate Christmas and New Year on the "train back to childhood"
Beyond the religious perspective, in recent years, Christmas celebration has become a cultural trait in Vietnam.
09:29, 2020/12/24
JF Garage Concert
Master works by international composers and will be played by distinguished musicians in Hanoi.
23:35, 2020/12/23
Special art performance of "The Hanoi epic" honors Vietnamese Army
A special art performance entitled "The Hanoi epic" was held on December 22 in Hanoi to celebrate the 76th anniversary of the Vietnam People's Army.
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