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Google Doodle celebrates Vietnam’s Mid-Autumn Festival
It is one of the activities promoting cultural values, arts, famous people and nature of Vietnam with daily Google Doodle.
17:10, 2020/09/29
Collection of Community Cultural Heritage stories introduced in Hanoi
As seen through the lens of Vietnam’s rich cultural heritage, the collection of Community Cultural Heritage stories is uniquely positioned to act as a conduit for the exchange of ideas across generations.
11:55, 2020/09/28
Google Doodle celebrates Vietnamese folk opera
Google has changed its logo to the image of cai luong folk opera performance.
13:52, 2020/09/27
13 best pictures win Vietnam's national travel photo contest
About 181 best entries of the contest will be displayed at the Vietnam Military History Museum from September 24 to 30.
15:31, 2020/09/23
Paintings of Vietnam peaceful village life go viral
The country-inspired paintings evoke nostalgia among viewers.
12:20, 2020/09/08
Hanoi hosts exhibition of digitized masterpieces “Magister Raffaello”
The capital is the first city in the world to host the innovative exhibition.
23:22, 2020/09/02
Google Doodle celebrates Vietnam National Day with typical images
“Happy National Day, Vietnam!” Google Doodle says.
15:16, 2020/08/20
Exhibition held to mark 75th anniversary of August Revolution
The exhibition is open to visitors from August 18 to September 30.
20:19, 2020/06/28
Colorful “Hanoi – a green destination” lures massive tourists
The event creates an atmosphere of joy and excitement, and contribute to honor Hanoi's people and heritages.
18:46, 2020/06/23
Exhibition on Vietnam old-time propaganda paintings opens in Hanoi
The new thematic gallery will open for visitors until June 30, 2021.
22:59, 2020/05/31
Dragon dance livens up pedestrian zone around Hoan Kiem lake
Dragon dance performance responds to the campaign "Vietnamese people travel Vietnam", and contributes to promoting the value of heritage in tourism.
12:00, 2020/05/05
Golden Bridge brings Vietnam photographer Best Architecture Photo Contest 2020
Golden Bridge shot is the Agora’s best architecture photo of 2020.
13:42, 2020/05/01
Diverse cultural activities in Hanoi held to celebrate national holidays
A 360° virtual tour at the revolutionary relic site - D67 House and Bunker, which used to be the headquarters of the command of the Vietnam People’s Army, is expected to attract visitors.
18:16, 2020/04/20
Photo taken by British photographer in Hanoi wins Grand Prize in US contest
A photo featuring an ornamental fish vendor in Hanoi won a Grand Prize at the annual Smithsonian magazine photo contest 2019.
13:31, 2020/04/20
Online fine art exhibition held to mark 45th anniversary of national reunification
The fine art exhibition was launched on vnfam.vn and the Facebook page of the museum.
12:58, 2020/04/19
Paintings about life in quarantine area inspire Vietnamese people
A Vietnamese student returning from overseas drew 20 paintings about his interesting and memorable life in a quarantine area at the Military School of Region 7 in Ho Chi Minh City.
01:54, 2020/04/17
Vietnamese photographers shortlisted at Sony World Photography Awards 2020
The World Photography Organization has announced category winners and shortlisted photographers in the Open competition of the Sony World Photography Awards 2020 on April 15.
14:40, 2020/04/07
Vietnam in the world best photos of #Water2020
Photos taken by Vietnamese photographers describing the beauty of rivers, lakes and seas in Vietnam were voted on Agora – the mobile app for the #Water2020 contest held in late March.
11:39, 2020/04/06
Vietnamese photographer wins gold medals at int’l photo contest 2020
Vietnamese photographers have won 17 prizes in 10 out of 12 sections at the international photo contest 2020, according to the Vietnam Artistic Photographers’ Association.
18:08, 2020/03/31
Vietnam launches postage stamps to promote combat against Covid-19
Vietnam on March 31 released two sheets of stamps under the theme “Joining hands to prevent and combat Covid-19” to cheer up those who are fighting the pandemic.
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