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All people entering Vietnam undergo mandatory quarantine
Linh Pham 14:10, 2020/03/21
Concentrated quarantine remains one of the most effective measures that Vietnam has taken to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Vietnam requires compulsory 14-day quarantine for all people entering the country from March 21 as the government tighten control over potential sources of coronavirus contagion.

 Quarantine remains an effective measure against the pandemic in Vietnam. Photo: AFP

The requirement will apply to all instead of those coming or traveling across epidemic-hit areas as required before.

Visitors with diplomatic and official purposes shall be isolated at consular or lodging facilities under the supervision of local authorities and medical staff, according to an order by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

The PM demands strict punishment to anyone who evades quarantine.

This measure is put in place amid the complicated evolution of the global Covid-19 pandemic that has resulted in a surge of overseas Vietnamese returning to Vietnam.

The Ministry of Health has issued urgent announcements requiring passengers of 21 flights where coronavirus-infected people were identified days after landing to contact Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for checkup and further instructions

As of March 20, as many as 42,918 people from epidemic-hit areas or in close contact with infected people have been in mandatory quarantine, according to the National Committee for Search and Rescue of Vietnam. (Vinasarcom).

The number of foreigners and overseas Vietnamese under quarantine has reached 37,710, including 13,560 at military barracks (including 5,319 from China, 1,155 from South Korea, 3,072 from Europe, and 2,796 from ASEAN) and the remaining in localities.

Military forces are asked to prepare quarantine facilities.

Senior colonel Ha The Tan of the Ministry of Defense highlighted the importance of isolation, saying that strict quarantine will mitigate losses caused by the pandemic.

He noted that Vietnam needs to take a number of measures all together with the focus put on transmission sources. It means that early detection, zoning, and quarantine play crucial role in pushing back the epidemic, he said in an interview with VnExpress.

During the quarantine period, the government covers all costs, including tests for coronavirus. All people including locals and foreigners are subject to the free-of-charge care package.

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