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Air pollution and Covid-19 pandemic have no combined negative effects
Anh Kiet - Ha Anh 18:02, 2020/03/20
Air pollution and Covid epidemic -19 are two separate issues with completely different causes and impacts.

Even though happening at the same time, there is unlikely a combination of effects of air pollution and the Covid-19 pandemic on people's health, Kinh Te & Do Thi quoted Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Association for Nature and Environment Protection Pham Ngoc Dang as saying.

 Illustrative photo. Photo: Reuters

Dang said that air pollution and the Covid-19 epidemic are two separate issues with completely different causes and impacts.

People would be infected with the virus and get sick, no matter how the air quality is. Conversely, air pollution is not conducive to virus infection.

"Looking from a positive angle, air pollution discourages people from going out, which is appropriate to avoid coronavirus propagation,” Dang said.

In particular, about 1.4 million people aged 60 and older live in Hanoi who are advised against outdoor activities, especially on the days of polluted air.

Earlier, Chairman of the municipal People's Committee Nguyen Duc Chung said at a meeting on March 18 that people should regularly have body temperature checked and stop going to office if they show signs of illness. People should work online if possible and avoid going out or public gatherings till the end of March.

The Hanoi mayor also called on people to stay calm and follow the measures that the Ministry of Health has instructed. The local government is proactively and well controlling people entering the city from abroad and cases of Covid-19 cross-infection.

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