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A Vietnamese photographer won photo Monochrome Awards
Thuy Duong 17:54, 2021/01/16
The Monochrome Awards international photography honors the photo of a Buddha statue atop Fansipan mountain.

The photo entitled "Buddha statue on the roof of Indochina" by photographer Le Viet Khanh has just won the 3rd prize in Professional category of Monochrome Awards – a world’s prestigious black and white photo contest.

The fairytale photo taken by renown Vietnamese photographer Le Viet Khanh to win won the 3rd prize in Professional category of Monochrome Awards 2021.

Situated in the midst of white clouds floating on top of Fansipan mountain, the giant Buddha statue is erected in the Sun World Fansipan Legend tourism site. It is described as an elaborate architectural work built “on the top of the Indochina’s roof” in a height of 3143 meters.

The statute is in another view. Photo: Le Viet Khanh

Photographer Le Viet Khanh further described on his statement submitting to Monochrome Awards that “in order to build this project, all the materials were carried by local porters to the top of the mountain through a narrow steep trail.

And this picture captures the extremely rare moment, when the clouds fly within the strong wind on the top of the mountain, just enough to see the magnificent Buddha statue looming in the mist. The photo was taken on a very cold winter morning, after an all-night-long-heavy rain in the mountainous area of Vietnam.”

The magnificent Buddha statue is looming in the mist of early sunrise - another photo taken by the talented photographer.

This Great Buddha Amitabha is the tallest bronze statue of its kind in Vietnam, using meticulous bronze casting techniques that were first applied. The statue is 21.5m in height and covered with thousands of 5 millimeter-thick -copper plates. It has a total weight of 62 tons and are crafted with decorative art motifs from Tran dynasty (1225 - 1400).

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