A charming Hanoi in stunning beauty of Sua flowers
For Hanoians, Sua flowers with special fragrance remain an iconic symbol of the capital city during Spring, after the traditional Tet holiday.

Sua flower (Dalbergia Tonkinensis), a kind of blossom that is considered a symbol of March, has make a dreamlike scene for old but charming Hanoi.

Just in the days of late Feberuary, Hanoi streets have been covered by the stunning beauty of Sua flowers, which signal the coming March.

For Hanoians, Sua flowers with special fragrance remain an iconic symbol of the capital city during Spring, after the traditional Tet holiday.

When Spring comes, Hanoi’s streets are adorned with pure while petals that few world cities are endowed with.

White flowers of Sua look like soft and white cotton clouds covering the trees.

Sua flower petal is tiny but when blossoming massively, the flowers decorate Hanoi streets, adding them a romantic touch.

Sua flowers quickly bloom but easily fade. Just after a rainfall, their thin petals are fall down to create a white carpet on the ground.

Those who love Hanoi all wish to stroll on these streets and contemplate the flowers or take some photos. When the prime time comes, Sua flowers will whiten Hanoi’s skies.

Sua flowers are a classic theme for poetic and song creations. Strolling the city streets lined with the Sua flower in full bloom is truly a delight, creating the perfect setting for those who love photography.

 White flowers scatter snow on Hanoi streets.

 Flowers bloom near Hanoi flag tower.
 When Sua trees shed their leaves and start blooming white, they spark plenty of inspiration for numerous photographers.

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