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50% Vietnamese travelers are willing to travel in May and June
Jenna Duong 09:56, 2021/04/25
The newly launched “insight snapshot” by Outbox Consulting show that 50% of local travelers are intending to travel in May and June, among them, 40% are more interested in sightseeing and cuisine.

Summer is considered as one of the most important travel seasons of Vietnam tourism. In the current context when the country is making effort to contain Covid-19 pandemic while boosting economic growth, the success of this peak tourist season will be decisive for the recovery of Vietnam's tourism industry.

Phu Quoc Island. Photo: Huong Calla

The insight snapshots entitled “Vietnamese Travel Behaviors – Summer 2021”  conducted by Outbox Consulting shows that half of those surveyed are willing to travel this summer, especially in the coming May and June. Over 30% all travelers start looking for travel information three to four weeks before their trip and social media is the main source of information for their trips.

Covid-19 has changed the behavior of tourists almost completely.  According to the survey, price is the most important factor affecting decision-making at a destination, accounting for 30% of all mentions.

Travelers of Gen X (aged 41 to 56) and Gen Z (aged 18 to 24) consider price as the most important factor when choosing a travel agent. Meanwhile, Millennials (aged 25 to 40) tend to be more generous when traveling as they take more into account the travel agent’s reputation, customer service and feedback from friends/relatives about tour quality.

Phu Quoc Island. Photo: Tuan Viet

In addition, service quality and safety account for over 30% of all mentioned factors determining travelers’ satisfaction at a destination. Also, the research showed that 42% independent travelers book accommodation first before any other services.

Contrary to the fussy tour selection trend of Gen Z and Millennials, travelers of older generation seem to be more reckless in choosing a tour. They don't need up to a month to plan where to travel. While the younger generation of tourists, aged between 18 and 40, tend to be pickier about their destination as they  usually take about one to two months to decide where to travel.

“Du Lich Viet, Vietravel & Saigontourist are three most popular travel agents  trusted by package-tour travelers,” the Outboxs’ insight snapshot showed.

Unlike conventional long-format analysis reports, the “insight snapshot” displays important information prominently to help readers easily get an overview of research results and focus on data. It is considered an initiative of Outbox Consulting to help both individuals & businesses in the tourism industry understand Vietnamese in terms of who they are, their travel preferences, travel motivations, and their behaviors during the planning and booking for a trip in summer 2021.

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