24k gold-plated buffalo sculpture for Lunar New Year decoration
Thuy Duong - Duy Khanh 07:57, 2021/01/19
Giving souvenirs with the images of zodiac animals is a habit of many people in Vietnam and some Asian countries. It is believed that displaying a symbol of the zodiac during the year will bring good luck and happiness to the owner.

According to the oriental belief, the zodiac of this year will be the buffalo. Thus, the 24k gold-plated buffalo figurine is widely introduced in the market, as a meaningful gift on the occasion of the upcoming Lunar New Year.

The 24K gold-plated buffalo sculpture called "Trau vang Khoi sinh” (The Golden buffalo - epitomizing abundance) has the meaning of ‘wishing a New Year full of happiness and healthy’ to the gift-receivers.

The artwork is made according to the design of sculptor - artist Vu Dung, showcasing the image of buffalo in its most authentic way: the mother buffalo and her calf are walking leisurely together.

The work depicts the image of a large, steady mother buffalo with sturdy horns is protecting her calf. 
The golden buffalo is the mascot representing the fortune and property in Vietnamese culture. As the sculptor says, the sculpture of the buffalo and calf depict the meaning of the fertility, prosperity and abundance. 
In order to complete a handcrafted work of "Trau vang khoi sinh”, there are many manual steps must be performed.
The artist will have to create clay cubes and build up a mold. Later on, more sustainable materials like copper or synthetic composites will be poured into the mold to create the work.

The final stage of the process could only be performed by skilled artisans. The details are meticulously hand-finished for the final creation of a 24K gold-plated sculpture.

Each of the finished work must undergo various stages such as paint, honing, gilding and polishing. 
The gilding process is done by highly skilled artisans, the 24k gold leaves are meticulously covered the buffalo statue and polished to complete.
It is estimated that each buffalo sculpture will be inlaid with about 100 pieces of 24k gold leaves.
The sculpture  weighs about 2,500g and is sold for about VND10 million (US$424).
The gold-laid work was certified by the Gem and Gold Inspection Center - Institute of Natural Resources and Environment.
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